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The Most Critical Issue – Fuel!

If you are a busy facility manager, property manager or owner of a Generator you may not know how much fuel you have in your fuel tanks. It is critical that your Generator has an adequate fuel supply so that your generator can support you when the power goes out.

For complete peace of mind, our service team check and document your day tank fuel levels with every service visit as part of our Scheduled Maintenance Program. If our technicians find your day fuel tank is at 50% or below our Office will automatically provide you with a refuelling proposal

Our experience has been that bulk tanks also need to be checked on an annual basis. Our technicians check and document your bulk tank fuel levels on an annual basis as part of our Scheduled Maintenance Program

Maintaining fuel quality in bulk tanks is a major challenge which is why Genergy Australia can also offer independent laboratory testing and cleaning of your bulk tank contents. Check out our Diesel Restoration Services for more information.

For prompt small deliveries of diesel Genergy Australia has a mobile refuelling ute capable of delivering 600 litres in a single visit. For bulk requirements, our long-held accounts with major fuel merchants and mobile fuel tankers have you covered.

Whether you require 600 litres or 20,000 litres of diesel, Genergy Australia can assist with your fuel supply requirements.

To make it easy to use Genergy Australia, you can take advantage of our free quoting service.

For more information, Please Call us on 0732775655 (Press To Call) and one of our friendly expert team will be happy to help.

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