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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial

To prevent your Generator from breaking down, Genergy Australia offers three key services for your consideration that can save you thousands in breakdowns, and safeguards your Generator from not starting when the power goes out.

These key services have been carefully put together from our extensive 22 years of experience that has identified the most common reasons why your Generator won’t start to ensure our valued clients are not wasting their money with unnecessary maintenance costs.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

It is imperative that your Generator be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it is capable of starting in the event of a Power outage. Your investment in a Generator is only justified if its starts and provides power when required so there is no interruption to the running of your organisation.

The benefit of a Generator is wasted if it fails to start because of a simple battery failure or blown fuse and these are more common occurrences than people would assume.

The price of a scheduled maintenance program is small in comparison to the cost to your organisation of a Generator that lets you down when the power goes out.

Genergy Australia provides a service that is thorough, methodical, and assists in ensuring that your Generator will start when required. We can provide Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Six-Monthly or Annual Maintenance Programs.

Our ‘Peace of Mind’ Scheduled Maintenance Program Includes…

  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly Services:

    51 Point Checklist

  • Six Monthly Services:

    57 Point Checklist

  • Annual Service:

    72 Point Checklist

  • Filter Replacements :

    Engine Oil Filters and Fuel Filters

  • Laboratory Analyses:

    Coolant, Fuel, Engine Oil

These maintenance programs will include, only when required; oil replacement, coolant replacement, air filter replacement, water filter replacement and battery replacement so you’re not paying for unnecessary parts, to save you money.

A comprehensive service report is provided at the completion of each service.

Genergy Australia provides a 24/7 Emergency Response Service to our Preventative Maintenance Customers.

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Mains Failure Testing

Through our experience with clients, it has been found that on average a Generator is actually called to operate about once a year. Even though the Generator is not used regularly, there are potential issues with the Generator not performing when your organisation needs it most.

Servicing covers the majority of the potential issues of a Generator not starting however to ensure your Generator is 100% reliable there is one important service recommendation which is to complete a Mains Failure Test.

A Mains Failure test is the ultimate test available to know for certain your Generator will perform when you need it most. This test should be carried out once a year, as a minimum, to ensure the transfer from Mains Supply to Generator Supply operates as designed. This test is completed by our qualified and experienced Generator Electricians.

On Site Load Testing Service

This service is used by our customers who either cannot interrupt their power supply but would like to test and run their Generators under load, or for customers who do not have adequate site load.

Most Stand-by Generators do not run under load which can cause engine deterioration, resulting in your Generator letting your organisation down when you need it most.

Running an engine under low loads causes low cylinder pressures and consequent poor piston ring sealing since this relies on the gas pressure to force them against the oil film on the bores to form the seal. Low cylinder pressures cause poor combustion and resultant low combustion pressures and temperatures.

This poor combustion leads to soot formation and unburnt fuel residues which clogs and gums piston rings, which causes a further drop in sealing efficiency and exacerbates the initial low pressure. This cycle of degradation means that the engine soon becomes irreversibly damaged and may not start at all, and will no longer be able to reach full power when required.

If detected in the early stages, running an engine at maximum load to raise the internal pressures and temperatures allows the piston rings to scrape glaze off the bores and allows carbon build-up to be burnt off.

Genergy has invested in a fleet of custom built portable resistive load banks to address this problem.

Our fleet of Portable Load Banks allow us to load your Generator under “dummy” load without interrupting power or your operations.

A detailed Load Test Report is completed by our qualified Technicians who stay with the Generator and record electrical and mechanical readings at 15 minute intervals.

For more information, Please Call us on 0732775655 (Press To Call) and one of our friendly expert team will be happy to help.

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