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Diesel Restoration & Storage System Maintenance

Your generator’s diesel fuel may be about to let you down

Maintaining your Diesel and Diesel Storage System is crucial and often overlooked by busy managers and owners. Good diesel quality and robust storage systems are a critical ingredient of having a reliable generator that operates when you need it most.

Poor fuel quality (for example, due to water contamination) can cause poor generator performance, or even costly engine failure.

Due to a variety of issues such as condensation, tank failure, or failure of tank fittings our team has observed that over 50% of bulk diesel storage tanks have experienced water contamination.

Underground storage systems are often surrounded by ground water and if the integrity of the tank shell fails water ingress can occur. Water contamination can also occur from rain water ingress through tank fittings that sit on top of the tank shell.

Water is the single most destructive contaminant in a fuel system. Free water in sufficient quantity will cause microbial growth, creating slimes that foul your fuel and acids that corrode your tank and fuel system. Free water also accelerates the oxidation process and encourages the formation of acids, gums and sediments known generally as fuel degradation products.

Not only does Diesel Storage System failure cause water contamination but when your tank fails and leaks it can also cause environmental damage, fines, and economic loss.

Water is not the only issue. Diesel fuel is a blend of distilled and cracked fuel with the cracked component continuously degrading resulting in a thin layer of fuel sludge. This degradation is ongoing. Combined with water, organisms, dirt, dust and rust particles, this sludge presents a serious risk.

Diesel fuel contamination can either be site specific, due to age, or due to handling in the supply chain.  Contaminated fuel can cause

  • Early plugging of fuel filters
  • Abrasion and scoring in pumps and injectors
  • Coarse fuel injector spray patterns, resulting in incomplete combustion of fuel
  • Formation of tank sludge which can be pulled into the fuel intake pipe

To keep your diesel and tanks in good condition, Genergy Australia provides the following services

  • Independent Laboratory Sampling and Analysis
  • Integrity Testing
  • Visual inspections
  • Diesel Restoration

Diesel Restoration is a process of filtering and cleaning dirty Diesel down to 3 micron through the use of our custom-built Mobile Fuel Cleaner. The Mobile Fuel Cleaner removes sludge, water and dirt, and reconditions and stabilises the diesel fuel. The Mobile Fuel Cleaner uses a multi-stage fuel filtration system that restores diesel to its optimum condition.

Our Mobile Fuel Cleaner has achieved impressive results as seen below of the before and after samples of Diesel at one of our client’s sites.

Regular testing of your Diesel and Diesel Storage System is part of our thorough Scheduled Maintenance Program. If you want to make sure your fuel and fuel tanks are in excellent condition check out our Scheduled Maintenance Programs.

To make it easy to use Genergy Australia, you can take advantage of our free quoting service.

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